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The Four Elements:
Earth: doing *Hebrew Assiyah, life-force *Hebrew Nefesh Raphael Rachel David Water: feeling*Hebrew Yetzirah, emotional being *Hebrew Ruach, Michael Sara Abraham
Air: thinking *Hebrew Briah, mind-soul *Hebrew Neshama, Uriel Leah Jacob
Fire: existing *Hebrew Atzilut, Divine spark *Hebrew Chayah, Gabriel Rebekah Isaac It is important to remind ourselves that in Hebrew, the names of the archangels point out that they are neither masculine nor feminine, but aspects of God.
The Four Archangels
Uriel in the EAST, in front of me.
Moving to the right you now face
Gabriel to the SOUTH.
We continue moving to the West, the gate leading to death and rebirth.
Raphael to the WEST, behind me.
Finally we face Archangel
Michael to the NORTH.

The last part of the ancient Jewish practice is that after the invocation of the four archangels, one imagines the light of the Shekinah, the “divine principle of God”, and that is everything created by the feminine, the nurturing, the womb like aspect of God. And imagine that pouring over us, washing over us and through us. As all our own negativity and doubt wash away, I imagine my heart becoming lighter and lighter and lighter and expanding to encase me in an egg of light, which interweaves with the light of the divine.
That is how I start my daily meditation on awakening, and then I just sit for some time afterwards.

There are also 4 layers of the soul: nefesh, ruach, neshamah, and chayah (life-force, emotional being, unique soul, and God-spark).


* 1) The Spirit of Wisdom,
* 2) The Spirit of Understanding,
* 3) The Spirit of Counsel,
* 4) The Spirit of Power,
* 5) The Spirit of Knowledge,
* 6) The Spirit of Righteousness,
* 7) The Spirit of Divine Awfullness.


1.Archangel Michael,1st ray, colour: blue,Tuesday, chakra: Throat.
2. Archangel Jophiel, 2nd ray, colour: yellow, Sunday, chakra: Crown.
3. Archangel Chamuel, 3rd ray, colour: pink, Monday, chakra: Heart.
4. Archangel Gabriel, 4th ray, colour: white, Friday, chakra: Earth Star.
5. Archangel Raphael, 5th ray, colour: green, Wednesday, chakra: Third eye.
6. Archangel Uriel, 6th ray, gold, purple, with ruby,Thursday, chakra: Solar plexus.
7. Archangel Zadkiel, 7th ray, colour: violet, Saturday, chakra: Soul star.

In Judaic Tradition Fourness is very important, it can break us out of the dichotomies that twoness sometimes present four is the number of completeness.
Twoness can be a strak binary opposition: darkness/light, male/female, good/evil.
Fourness is always more complicated. Fourness is like a table: for the table to stand, each of its four corners must be equally strong.

Step By Step Archangel Invocations

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